Cup Noodles

For over 45 years, Nissin Cup Noodles has been satisfying hunger and putting happy smiles on people’s faces, in just 3 minutes. This world-renowned instant noodles is available in 8 mouth-watering flavours which you can enjoy whenever, wherever.

Top Ramen

Catering to all types of taste buds, Top Ramen noodles delights folks with a wide variety of options to choose from. Ranging from yummy saucy curry noodles to healthy atta noodles, Top Ramen is the perfect snack for everyone, young and old.


Don’t be fooled by its size. STUFF’D is more than just a crispy short eat! It will blast your mind with lots of mouth – watering spices, masalas and exotic ingredients! Go on! Load up on STUFF’D! The snack that is big on flavour and on satisfaction!


Introducing Nissin Scoopies! Short, pre-coated noodles with rich masala on the inside and outside. You can enjoy short noodles coated with yummy gravy, that’s easy to eat with a spoon. Go ahead, taste the mastee in every bite!