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For over 45 years, Nissin Cup Noodles has been satisfying hunger and putting happy smiles on people’s faces, in just 3 minutes. This world-renowned instant noodles is available in 8 mouth-watering flavours which you can enjoy whenever, wherever.

Cup Noodles

Mazedaar Masala

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Spiced Chicken

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Veggi Manchow

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Tangy Tomato

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Sea Food

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Rogan Josh

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Cup Noodles Mini

Mazedaar Masala

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Spiced Chicken

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Cup Noodles Bits


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Spiced Chicken

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Cup Noodles Institutional Packs

Herby Tomato

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Paneer Makhani

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Zesty Chicken

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Mast Masala

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Hot Manchow

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Spicy Chicken

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